“To Whom Shall We Go?” LESSON Resources

These resources accompany the first book in the teen catechetical series, The Way of Christ for Teens: “To Whom Shall We Go?” See here for the teacher’s manual in Spanish.

LESSON 1: “Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?”

LESSON 2: “Come and See”

LESSON 3: “Follow Me”

LESSON 4: “Do Not Be Afraid”

LESSON 5: “Be it Done to Me According to Your Word”

LESSON 6: “Hail! Holy Queen”

LESSON 7: “My Soul Magnifies the Lord”

LESSON 8: “Do Whatever He Tells You”

LESSON 9: “How Are They to Believe?”

LESSON 10: “Christ is the True Priest”

LESSON 11: “Tend the Flock of God”

LESSON 12: “Feed My Sheep”

LESSON 13: “Do You Love Me?”

LESSON 14: “Sell It All!”

LESSON 15: “Thy Will Be Done”

LESSON 16: “The Same Thing All the Time?”

LESSON 17: “Lord Teach Us How to Pray (1)

LESSON 18: “Lord Teach Us How to Pray (2)”

LESSON 19: “Do Not Look Gloomy”

LESSON 20: “Sound No Trumpet Before You”

LESSON 21: “Ask, Seek, Knock”

LESSON 22: “Into Your Hands, Lord, I Commend My Spirit”

LESSON 23: “She Pondered These Things in Her Heart”

LESSON 24: The Eucharist is the “Source of Summit of Christian Life”

LESSON 25: The Eucharist – Why We Worship

LESSON 26: The Eucharist – How We Worship

LESSON 27: The Eucharist – Adoration

LESSON 28: “Go Therefore and Baptize All Nations!”

GOING DEEPER: Divine Mercy (Confession)

GOING DEEPER: The Priest: A Man of Habit

GOING DEEPER: Lectio Divina

GOING DEEPER: The Mass: Gestures, Posture, Reverence